Now that the days are shorter and getting colder staying indoors in the comfort of your home is beginning to sound attractive once again. BX Plans is a home favourite loved by celebs, royalty, and a fitness community of all ages around the world. It’s easy to do, there are no gym fees, and it gives great results.

The Men’s 5BX 11-minute plan and Women’s XBX 12-minute plan are perfect for those who want to stay fit in the comfort of their home. Exercises are very simple, and likely ones everyone has done before, so there are no awkward moves or a chance to get hurt. The workout will give an overall full body workout that can help to slowly burn unwanted weight gain.

Created in the 1950s for the Royal Canadian Airforce, BX plans are “Basic Exercises” that can be carried out in about 11 minutes or so.

These workout plans have been a long-time favourite for many high-profile names over the decades. Dame Helen Mirren the Oscar winning actress is quoted as saying, “It is the exercise I have done off and on my whole life. It just very gently gets you fit. Two weeks of doing that and you think, ‘Yeah, I could go to the gym now.”

The late Duke of Edinburgh credited the Canadian Airforce workout plan as an exercise regime that kept him fit his entire life.

In the Netflix hit ‘The Crown’ a young Prince Philip is depicted in several scenes keeping fit by using quick burst exercises such as squats and push-ups to help endurance and physical fitness.

The Duke reportedly passed this fitness routine down to his son Prince Charles, and grandsons Prince William and Prince Harry.

According to Prince Philip’s tailors, the six-foot-tall man’s physique barely changed over the years, and he was still able to fit into his wedding day uniform seventy years later, The Telegraph reported.

When Prince Philip died, he still had good posture and was able to walk without a cane. He was remarkably fit and mobile for a man just a few months shy of his 100th birthday.

So how does this fitness plan work? BX Plans can be done at home, in the park, or in a safe space in an office. There are no gym fees. No equipment is needed, and the plans are suitable for all ages 8-80+.

A series of charts shows how many exercises should be done based on age and fitness. And with the rising concern of child obesity and the lack of exercise of children today there is also a Fit Kids plan which gives simple and clear exercises for those between the ages of 7-17 to be used at home or in schools.

BX Plans is available in 5 different languages: English, French, German, Polish and Spanish.

So, if you would like to keep fit this Autumn and Winter with little fuss and at your own pace give BX Plans a try. visit: enter BX30 to receive a 30% discount or buy on Amazon.