BX Plans has been a hidden gem loved by celebrities and the public at large and used behind closed doors in intimate quiet spaces for decades. It is without a doubt, the grandfather of home fitness, and it has shaped our ‘get fit’ culture into what it is today. Here’s why.

In our modern world of old is new and new is old, we think the 11 or 12-minute workout is new. In fact, many of these modern workout plans are rooted in the BX Plans fitness regime first devised over 70 years ago for Canadian Air Force pilots by Dr Bill Orban, a sports psychologist.

Over the years BX Plans has helped millions of people get fit and stay fit. Its gentleness and ease are two of the best things about the XBX and 5BX plans making it loved by many worldwide over the decades. It has also been the fitness guru for many celebs and royals and Dame Helen Mirren is a well-known advocate of the plan.

The Oscar winning actress is quoted as saying, “It is the exercise I have done off and on my whole life. It just very gently gets you fit. Two weeks of doing that and you think, ‘Yeah, I could go to the gym now.”

The plan has also been given a ‘princely’ thumbs up by Prince Charles and has had a positive review by a reporter from the Telegraph who put the plan into action and discovered its benefits first-hand.

There are many ways to keep the body moving without the need for a gym or fancy equipment. Just a little dedication to exercise a few times a week for 11 to 12 minutes, or daily if you are ready for the challenge, is enough to keep you fit.

Research has confirmed that exercising 11 or 12 minutes a day can significantly boost health and fitness results.

The XBX, 5BX and Fit Kids plans provide an efficient full body workout. Both the women and men’s plans are available in English, French, German, Polish and Spanish.

XBX, the women’s book, does this in 8 exercises (there are 2 optional ‘posture’ exercises) and a maximum of 12 minutes. 5BX is easily completed in 11 minutes with 5 exercises.

In both cases, it is normal for the exercise session to take less time than the recommended starting level, with an increase as you progress through the levels. Great news for beginners and those who find procrastination a problem when it comes to getting fitter.

And with the rising concern of child obesity and the lack of exercise of children today there is also a Fit Kids plan which gives simple and clear exercises for those between the ages of 7-17 to be used at home or in schools.

XBX and 5BX exercises are very simple, and likely ones everyone has done before, so there are no awkward moves or a chance to get hurt.

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