Mission 2020: Get the World Fit for Free

As it’s a new decade BX Plans is on a mission to get the world fit for free. First developed by Dr Bill Oban in the 1950s and later adopted by the Royal Canadian Air force we’re celebrating the popularity of these plans that kick started the modern day fitness revolution which began almost 70 years ago.

That’s why we are on a mission to get the world fit for free during 2020 and are offering a Men’s 5BX 11-minute fitness eBook, or a Women’s XBX 12-minute eBook for FREE. Both books are designed to gently increase in pace helping both men and women of any age reach peak fitness.

To download your free eBook, enter your email address and your copy will be sent via email. *One copy per email.*

**This offer is for a limited time.  So hurry and get your FREE copy today!**

Men’s 5BX 11-minute fitness plan
Women’s XBX 12-minute fitness plan